Chris Perkins Drums Chemistry Tutor Tuition
Chris Perkins is a highly qualified Teacher and Tutor.

Chris has taught A-Level chemistry since 1995.

There is a specially designed classroom for chemistry tuition where he uses a projector, Dropbox resources and the internet to clearly explain important ideas.

Scanned, handwritten answers to past exam papers are made available using Dropbox and hence materials are easily shared. Furthermore, Chris knows where students are likely to struggle and can often fix problems quickly.

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Chris is an excellent tutor, he has really helped me improve my understanding as well as exam technique. I would highly recommend him! I have noticed an increase in confidence with Alevel Chemistry and definitely feel that the extra help has been extremely useful.
Freya Norster... Year 13 student Jan '20
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Chris Perkins is an experienced teacher, tutor and ex-Head of Chemistry. He has has worked in both state schools and private schools and has taught and tutored A-level chemistry since 1995. He has helped countless students to achieve the high grades they often need for university entrance.

Chris was a graduate student at the University of Oxford from 1994 to 1995 and a member of New College MCR. His first teaching job was at Plymstock School in Plymouth, where he taught from 1995 to 1998.

Between 1998 and 2001, Chris also taught chemistry and was Head of Lower School Science at Mount Kelly Independent School in Tavistock.

Chris then went back to Plymstock School as Head of Chemistry for the next 10 years. Here, he ran a yearly visit to the University of Oxford Science Open Day, while encouraging many successful applications.

Many of his ex-students have gone on to vet school, medical school, Ox-bridge and other top universities.

He is listed with various agencies including www.uktutors.com, www.tutorhunt.com and www.firsttutors.com. Furthermore, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Price of Sessions

A-Level (individual rate) @ £32 p/hr

A-Level (shared session) @ £26 p/hr

GCSE (individual rate) @ £32 p/hr

Payment is monthly in advance and preferably by bank transfer.

I offer individual tuition on a 1:1 basis and also small tutorials of between 2 to 3 students, who are in the same year group and following the same specification… often friends.

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