Chris has been great with my son so far. He has taken into account what his needs are and is working towards his goals at a good pace. His set up is fantastic and my son felt at ease immediately with him. Mock exams in May will be a good indicator of progress.

Sally Saphir.. parent of Year 12 student March '20

A very knowledgeable and experienced teacher, who has the ability to adapt teaching styles to the needs and quirks of each individual he teaches.
He has accepted and worked with my daughters extreme anxiety to not only build up her chemistry knowledge, but also her confidence to show it.
Anyone looking to enhance their child’s learning, skills and exam grades in Chemistry, will find no better teacher.

Graeme Harris... parent of Year 10 student Feb '20

Chris has been a brilliant tutor so far and has helped me to fill the gaps in my knowledge and understand of topics that I didn’t get previously. Already, I have seen an improvement in my chemistry due to Chris’s great teaching methods and useful revision resources.

Lauren Ritchie... Year 11 student Feb '20

Chris has been an absolutely brilliant tutor for me throughout my A levels and I could not recommend him highly enough. He explains everything thoroughly and is always able to fix any problems and help me to understand what I couldn’t before.

Ione Baskott... Year 13 student Feb '20

Chris is absolutely fantastic. He explains everything in a clear manner and he has improved my chemistry knowledge dramatically in a short period of time.
Along with his excellent teaching skills, he has an impressive amount of resources which make revising much easier.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Patrick Smyth... Year 13 student Feb '20

Mr Perkins is an excellent tutor. He covers the specification very well, helps with exam technique and supplies many really helpful resources for independent revision.

Esther David-West... Year 13 student Jan '20

This tutor is great, he helped me get from grade 6s to 9s in GCSEs!

Freya Thom... Year 12 student Jan '20

Chris has combined modern teaching techniques alongside traditional teaching styles to create an optimum learning environment. Chris has impacted my grades in a very positive way in the form of improving my chemistry grade by a solid two grades. I could not recommend Chris enough.

Ethan Carlisle... Year 11 student Jan '20

Chris has helped massively with understanding in all areas of chemistry, but also revision techniques and the transition from GCSE to A-level as a whole. Very friendly, would recommend 🙂

Kofi Bruce... Year 13 student Jan '20

Chris is an excellent tutor, he has really helped me improve my understanding as well as exam technique. I would highly recommend him! I have noticed an increase in confidence with Alevel Chemistry and definitely feel that the extra help has been extremely useful.

Freya Norster... Year 13 student Jan '20

Chris is an excellent chemistry tutor! He has helped me immensely with my understanding and knowledge of the subject as an A Level, not only by the extremely useful tutoring sessions in which he answers any questions I have and is able to explain everything to me, but also with the many resources and notes I am given through Dropbox to assist me in furthering my understanding.

He was recommended to me and I would recommend his Chemistry tutoring to anyone who has any doubts about Chemistry, he can definitely help you!

Louise Tucker... Year 13 student Jan '20

Chris is a fantastic tutor. My son has a lot more confidence now and has moved up a grade in the short time he has being seeing Chris. He fully understands that students sometimes get blocks in their learning and works through the solutions with them. I wish he did Biology as well. Recommend to anyone who needs help or just would like to improve their grade.

Julie Carson... parent of Year 13 student Jan '20

Chris is absolutely brilliant at explaining things and has been so helpful! Would recommend to anybody!

Hannah Biscombe... Year 13 student Jan '20

Chris is fantastic at explaining new topics and as a result improves my confidence in class a lot. He often goes through my exam technique and has many useful resources which are brilliant in aiding my revision. Would definitely recommend to anyone aiming for the top grades.

Preet Pradeep... Year 13 student Jan '20

Highly recommended to GCSE or A Level students. Mr Perkins really covers your specification comprehensively using flashcards and an online resource hub. In our sessions, we revise topics, break down exam questions together and really try to understand concepts.

Tobias Leung... Year 13 student Jan '20

Since my lessons with Chris, my in class topic tests have improved by two grades. So much so, my predicted grade has gone from a 6 to an 8! Additionally, the resources provided allow me to revise effectively outside of Chris’s tuition.

Noah Carlisle... Year 10 student Jan '20

Chris is an amazing teacher, I can see a huge difference in understanding with any topics he has helped me through compared with topics I’ve done in school. He has so many really useful resources and goes above and beyond with offering ideas to make independent studying easier. He has helped me incredibly with my ALevel Chemistry and I would recommend him to anyone who feels like they need some support.

Amy James-Lawrie... Year 13 student Dec '19

Chris provides brilliant lessons with in-depth explanations and exam past paper questions on all topics. Quizlet flash cards are also great for learning key definitions. I would highly recommend his lessons to all A-Level students aiming for top grades.

Tariq Rudge... Year 13 student Dec '19

I would certainly recommend Chris to other A-Level students. I find it helpful being able to go over content and fill any gaps in my knowledge. Chris is extremely patient and is always happy to explain things a second time around. Visualising concepts on the whiteboard is very useful.

Chris also provides all his students with access to a Dropbox folder which contains PowerPoints and condensed revision notes for each topic. There is also a wealth of past papers (including annotated versions with ‘model answers’). This is an absolutely exceptional resource for improving exam technique and I would wholeheartedly recommend!

Alfie Carlisle... Year 13 student Sep '18

I achieved an A in my a level chemistry and Chris’ sessions were a huge help towards this.

Izzy Heir... Year 13 student Sep '18

Fantastic teaching that’s specific to which ever exam board you have to study with. Chris is great at explaining new topics and I was delighted with my A level result with his help.

Rhiannon Davies... Year 13 student Sep '18

Absolutely excellent chemistry tutor! Would definitely recommend for AS and A2 chemistry tutoring! He helped me to understand concepts and improve exam technique. Thanks to Chris I managed to get an A in A2 chemistry!

Ruvimbo Mukono... Year 13 student Sep '18

Chris tutored one of my daughters for Chemistry GCSE and the other for Chemistry A-level. Both of them found his style of teaching enjoyable and easy to understand. They both increased in confidence and enjoyment of the subject and felt very well prepared for their exams. I am convinced that both achieved higher grades in Chemistry than they otherwise would have done.

Ellie Turner... parent of GCSE and Year 13 student Sep '18

Excellent tutor, very thorough with a great tempo to the lessons! Helping massively with chemistry A-level. I’ve been able to see huge progress from the first lesson and he continually helps me to improve my understanding of the various A-level topics! Very welcoming which makes you feel comfortable in his sessions!

Louie Cherrington... Year 13 student Sep '18

I had Chris as a chemistry tutor for a couple of months prior to my final A-level exams. In that short space of time my understanding of chemistry grew exponentially. His 1-1 teaching style, clear explanations and patience allowed me to grasp the most complex theories and apply them in my exams. I decided what I wanted to learn that day and would come away feeling confident on the subject and it greatly helped that sessions were flexible. I can’t thank him enough for the help he provided with my studies. I have recommended him to all my friends and cannot rate him highly enough.

Lewis Wosnitzka... Year 13 student Sep '18

Very helpful. Chris goes through each topic until you understand. He has very useful resources that will definitely help you to get good grades.

Anwar... Year 13 student Aug '17

My daughter was struggling with her A Level chemistry and needed some help. She was trailing behind with an E grade, but we were really lucky to find Chris. When I used to collect Molly everything was so calm, relaxed and happy. Molly said everything clicked when she had that extra bit of tuition and that she understood the mechanics of chemistry instead of learning it parrot fashion. She has just got a A grade in her AS, so proof that Chris is a great tutor and I would highly recommend.

Max... parent of Year 12 student Aug '17

My daughter was panicking about her Chemistry A level. Chris helped her to calm down, think and study constructively and she was able to get the grade she needed to get to her first choice university. I’d recommend Chris without reservation.


William Shimell... parent of Year 13 student Aug '17

Chris prepared my son for re-sits of A2 chemistry. Lessons were well organised with plenty of resources. He was very familiar with all the different exam boards, professional and explained everything clearly. My son did very well in his re-sits, and who is not always forthcoming in his opinions, described Chris as, `an extremely good tutor`.
My thanks to you!

Martin… parent of Year 13 student July '17

Both Oliver and Josh have found your lessons extremely helpful and enjoyable. Oliver said that he chemistry exams were much easier as a result of your help than they would otherwise have been. Thank you so very much.

Susie… parent of Chemistry GCSE students July '17
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